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I am happy to welcome you on my website.

I have been curious about the semantic-hypertextual and techological-multimedial potential of the Internet, foremost the W3 since fall 1994. Certainly I prefer working under a Linux-driven, open source software environment.

Digital libraries and virtual museums have been promising applications for reaching an extended audience. In 2005, I developed a practical guide for building digital collections targeted at employees and volunteers of cultural heritage institutions - handbook for a "Cultural Heritage Digitisation License" (CH@DL).

Making music, in company or alone, lets me also glimpse the intensity of an actively lived life, since it only comes once. So, coming back to music, I enjoy the (certainly) different qualities of both, the haptic-tactile-auditive experience of physical instruments as well as software-assisted activities. What I currently am especially fond of is free improvisation in a sense of exploring the world of sound/timbre which opens itself to me when I simply listen and respond by intuition, and do not try to think (although this can be difficult sometimes).

Apart from that, or partly connected to this sound communication, digital assembling of music via sequencer (MIDI) resp. harddisk (audio)-recording and editing have also been interesting to me. Here, the creation of audio-visual synestetic experiences comes into play - a branch where AI-guided detection of musical patterns such as harmony, rhythm and form, attracts my attention.

Below, you find an overview of topics that await you on my pages.

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  • Forscher aus dem Titelbild zur Museographia von C. F. Neickel, 1727

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