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Professional Qualification

Special expertise: Cultural Heritage Informatics / Humanities Computing

  • information management - information retrieval (library catalogues, online databases, WWW, expert networks) also: Information architecture and visualization, knowledge management
  • information technology - relational databases, meta data, XML, content management, Semantic Web
  • multimedia production - music, graphic design / imaging, 2D and 3D animation
  • media didactics - content preparation for various target groups (especially 'Public Understanding of Science' and science communication)
Information and Knowledge Management
  • analysis, documentation and improvement of information flows and knowledge structures within an organization (e.g. Intranet Server administration, Wiki-deployment)
  • quality manegement / project management

Information Retrieval

  • IR in offline and online sources (library catalogues, object data bases, technical databases, WWW, mailing lists/newsgroups, expert directories)
  • expert IR in the areas of library and information science, computer science, art and culture, media history and public sector information
  • term variation (syntax, flections)
  • multi-lingual search
  • material selection
  • subject cataloging, indexing
  • structured documentation (spreadsheet), IR report (text document, e.g. LyX)
  • compilation of bibliographies (references database)
Web Service Development, Multimedia Production, targeted Information Provision
  • requirements specification (usability context analysis: content search, definition of target groups, selection of delivery format)
  • design of storyboards (UML) and development of information architectures
  • interface design
  • material selection
  • digitization of sources (scanning, video and audio recording)
  • editing of digitized materials
  • creation of multimedial illustrations (e.g. by Macromedia Flash)
  • systems integration (via a content management system or similar)
  • prototyping in live system
  • user testing / usability evaluation
Software Skills
  • operating systems (Linux, Windows)
  • office software (Open Office, Microsoft Office, LyX)
  • programming languages (Turbo Pascal, Delphi, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, Java)
  • (Web) development tools (NetBeans, GitLab, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash)
  • Internet technologies (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sematic Web, XML, RDF, SPARQL)
  • software modelling, data bases, ontology editors, documentation software, bibliographic data bases (MySQL, Sybase, Postgres, Oracle, Prot&eiacute;gé 2000, M-Box, Reference Manager)
  • image editing (Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, VRML/X3D, Shockwave, CompuPic Pro)
  • audio software (Cool Edit, Audacity, Cakewalk, Finale Allegro)

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Created July 27, 2004
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